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Episode 74: New Thoughts Are Everywhere

creativity new thoughts Jul 30, 2022
Caleb Price Coaching
Episode 74: New Thoughts Are Everywhere

Where do you get new thoughts? Well, EVERYWHERE! Today on the podcast, I’m talking about how some of the best thoughts that can redefine how we live our lives are right in front of us. And I’m pointing you to my favorite movies, books, and songs of the summer that might just be the inspiration you need.

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Books Recommendations:

The Midnight Library

Shoe Dog

The Impossible First

The Alchemist

A Picture of Dorian Gray

Movies Recommendations:



Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

It’s A Wonderful Life

Family Stone

Song Recommendations:

100 Bad Days - AJR

Be Still - The Killers

scream! - Judah and the Lion

Heroes - Peter Gabriel (David Bowie)

Awake My Soul - Mumford and Sons

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