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Anxiety doesn't have to keep you from living your best life. 
I can show you how. 
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Anxiety doesn't have to keep you from living your best life


I can show you how.

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How to Feel Better about Anxiety

This is EXACTLY for those of you that STRUGGLE with their anxiety and feel like you shouldn't have it. Because the secret is that acceptance is the one thing that will actually help you gain control over your anxiety.

Don't believe me? Click to begin believing in yourself. 

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Hi! I’m Caleb,

the College Coach.

I help college students get out of their "rut", whether that's not knowing what to do, anxiety, perfectionism, etc., and take their life to the next level with renewed purpose and joy.


As a certified life coach, I know how to coach you on anything you struggle with as a young adult.


Coaching is like a Mental Gym

I help you strengthen your mental and emotional resilience by showing you how your brain affects everything in your life, how your thoughts create the very emotions you feel, and create the results of your life. 

With the proven model of causal coaching, we can get to the heart of anything in just

30 minutes.


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I didn't like myself very much 

I thought there was something wrong with me.

I struggled with loving my body.

I thought it should be different.

I was a perfectionist

Yet it never made me feel good.

I was worried, anxious, depressed

And told myself I shouldn't be feeling this way.

Yet that ALL changed when I discovered coaching.

Because coaching showed me the power of my thoughts

Now I choose to love myself, feel relief from my self-judgment, and have found my purpose again in life

And it can ALL change for you too.


Discover what coaching can do for you

Preston Bruner

I had never received life coaching before my first session with Caleb. It was a new experience for me! I liked that our conversation helped me to analyze my thoughts in a new way and understand the deeper motivation behind some of my thoughts and beliefs!

Kaylee Cheshire

I was really nervous to set up a coaching appointment with Caleb because I had never been coached before. But, after listening to some of his podcasts, I decided that it would be a good idea to talk with him. So, I set up an appointment and it was incredible!!
Caleb is such a good listener and was very non-judgmental throughout our coaching session. He took the surface level problem that I brought with me and helped me identify the root of the problem. He introduced some new ideas to me, and helped me sort through some of the ideas I already had. We worked together to create a plan of action to help me be more aware of the thoughts I was having and afterward I felt empowered to make good things happen in my life!!
If you've never been coached before or if you're nervous to talk about the thoughts and feelings you have I would highly encourage you to set up an appointment! Just take one burst of courage and set up a time with Caleb, it'll change your life and you'll leave feeling more confident and empowered. 

Tate Pitcher

Caleb is such a fun guy to talk to and will listen to everything you say and not judge but point out things you may have never noticed before, and he'll confirm with you if that's really what you want to be thinking or not. I set goals with him and he's kept me accountable and I'm still keeping those goals till today.

Ema Beckstrand

I went into my session with Caleb with nothing really on my mind to talk about, but at the end realized there was so much I could use help with! Caleb’s coaching style is very friendly, leaving you feeling safe and heard. I recommend giving life coaching a try because it can be the first step in truly living your life and not just surviving life.

Sign up for the BEST coaching offer for college students!!

It’s the fastest way to feel the full benefits of living a life with you in control of your mind.

If you want help with your anxiety, making a big decision, finding motivation for school, perfectionism, or feeling your purpose, this is EXACTLY what you need.

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Mental and emotional tips to start your week off RIGHT!


Get Monday Motivation in your Inbox

Mental and emotional tips to start your week off  RIGHT!


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