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Episode 61: Intentional Leadership with Jonah Lewis

interview leadership young adult May 24, 2022
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Episode 61: Intentional Leadership with Jonah Lewis

“I'd like to live my life saying, I'm glad I did, not I wish I had." 

Join me and my new friend Jonah Lewis to do a deep dive into what Jonah believes is an important key to success we may be neglecting as young adults: intentional leadership.
We discuss concepts about our own desires, how to be an example to others, especially those in our social circles, about integrity. But overall, I was struck by just how much the idea of intentional leadership was about being ourselves in the moment and not being afraid to let ourselves shine in a world that is drifting away from that ownership of being. 
You can find Jonah on Instagram here or on LinkedIn here. Or you can even email him at [email protected].
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