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Episode 60: Summer of Success

goals hard things mindset money sales Apr 13, 2022
Caleb Price Coaching
Episode 60: Summer of Success
Learn what success is today on the podcast and how to access more of it in your life. Whether you're in finals or you're trying to make money doing door-to-door sales, however, you define success, you can access MORE of it by simply learning how to exercise YOUR MINDSET.
Today you'll learn:
  • That your life is easy when you do the hardest work first which is managing your mind.
  • We don't have to only use willpower in achieving our goals.
  • That the only thing we need to do for improvement is to have a 10% less crappy thought.
AND you learn about my new program, Summer of Success! As the mindset expert for summer salesmen who want to double their money goals, I'm creating the ultimate program that will allow you to achieve success by purely changing how you think. 
Stay tuned for bonus episodes throughout the month detailing more advice on money, confidence, rejection, and identity. 
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