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Episode 59: Why You Aren't Loving Yourself

belief depression hard things muffinhead self-love Apr 13, 2022
Caleb Price Coaching
Episode 59: Why You Aren't Loving Yourself
Sometimes in our noble quest of helping others, we forget about ourselves. And aren't we supposed to forget about ourselves right?
Well, maybe. But I believe the true secret to making our lives instantly better and more, AND to bless other people's lives, begins with loving ourselves. Shamelessly. But our brain gets in the way of this so easily. We think it should be easy and in our nature to love ourselves. Yet we have deprived ourselves so much that we must relearn and practice how it's done. That's what you'll learn today. 
Today on the podcast I discuss:
  • What prevents us from loving ourselves
  • Is loving ourselves selfish?
  • How our connection with ourselves, influences every other connection in our life
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