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Episode 57: Anxiety and How to Get Out of Your Own Head with Jd Grover

anxiety hard things interview self Mar 23, 2022
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Episode 57: Anxiety and How to Get Out of Your Own Head with Jd Grover
I loved getting to do an interview like this. Because this WAS REAL my friends! So raw and vulnerable. I'm so grateful Jd came on to share his experience with anxiety and the kinds of situations it took him into when he dwelt negatively on his thoughts. Fair warning, this could be triggering for some individuals struggling with crippling anxiety or depression, but I feel it shows how serious anxiety can become when we don't create a healthy relationship with ourselves and learn how to love and accept our whole self! And I think Jd's journey will show that to you.
In my conversation with Jd, we cover topics like
  • What anxiety looks like and how it can affect our lives
  • When we might want clinical help or when we should seek out a life coach
  • When we try to play God and control things in our life
  • How we should remember to step outside of ourselves and not get caught up in negative introspection
  • Harrison Fuller's episode on grief, Episode 11. Ya'll should check it out!
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