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Episode 54: Returning to the Fundamentals

fundamentals muffinhead processing emotion thought work Mar 08, 2022
Caleb Price Coaching
Episode 54: Returning to the Fundamentals
It's easy to make self-improvement and the act of reaching our dreams and changing our lives for the better, a complex issue. And then it becomes easy to blame our outside circumstances for why things aren't going our way. Because we think we're smart and finally figuring out the secret to TRUE CHANGE.
But this is a lie. A lie from good ol' Muffinhead. And it's this truth that I humbly relearned: the fundamentals are the way to getting the results we want in life. The secret to getting anything you want in life is in practicing 2 fundamentals every day:
1. Practice gaining awareness that you're life is always created by your thoughts
2. Practice Processing Emotions 
And while no one likes to practice (especially your brain!), that's a real good indicator that it's EXACTLY the very thing we need to do every single day.
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